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Mahragan AL-Keraza 2022

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Mahragan Activities

Important Dates:​​​

  • June 23rd: Registration opens. 

  • Mahragan starts on Saturday, July 9th@12:30 

  • The final Exams are on August 20th.

Age Requirements:

  • Starting from JK till Grade Six.

Curriculum changes this year​

  • art is running differently this year and to call Marian (+14165658423), Rasha (+12894003377) or sally ( +12893000195) to discuss.

  • The choir is not determined yet.

  • No Drama.

  • No Solo or Music

  • Hymns and Memorization Testing

  • Hymns and memorization testing this year will be recorded individually.

  • Recording of hymns and memorization will be recorded and uploaded according to the Hymns Test Instructions (to be posted later)

  • Please download, print, and sign Permission to Video and Audio Record Your Child Form, and keep it in your church’s file.

  • Alkeraza Hymns & Memorization Tests will be posted on the Alkeraza Website later.

Spiritual Testing

  • All Spiritual tests will be available online.

  • Keraza Test Instructions  (to be posted later).

  • Date: To be Determined.

  • Schedule: to be posted later.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us

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