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Our Services


Youth's Services

We then help the youth to start taking on the world challenges with Gods guidance. We are focused more on guiding them in todays world while also strengthening their knowledge and faith about our Lord. This is done through Bible readings and group discussions in order to gain a more meaningful discussions. The goal is to strengthen the spiritual lives of the youth and guide them to be able to walk the Lords path in todays world.

Kid's Services

Here we start teaching and guiding the young kids to get closer to Christ. The kids are guided through Bible reading, worship, small group discussions as well as fellowship in order to understand Gods words and his love. The goal of Sunday school is to help children grow in their spiritual lives and develop a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Bible.

Teens & Library

Adult's Services

Adult service helps to create a stronger and more well rounded individual. This is accomplished through many services such as choir, or learning hymns or Bible readings. The goal is help strengthen their understanding of how to become a well rounded Christian.

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Volunteer Groups

University's Services

The university service dives deep into what the scripture means and the knowledge to truly understand Gods word on a deeper level. This is done through analysis of the Holy scripture as well as applying it to todays real world. The goal is to help the youth understand and showcase the next generation of Christian leaders.

Seniors' Services

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